Salt Lake Cycles

Bringing Back the Fun Times,

One Bike at a Time


You really can't have missed the whole Retro Bike movement that has been sweeping the planet for the last 10 years. Bobbers, Choppers, Trackers, Cafe Racers, Brats and every variation in between. The big bike shops are happy to build you something for $20 grand but there are very few places that cater for the ordinary working biker who just doesn't have a huge pile of money to spare. We will be focusing our builds on the more affordable end of the custom bike spectrum so that new custom bikers can join in with the fun. Every bike coming out of the workshop will be different so there's bound to be something to fit your personal bike vision. We will also be able to help when a project gets stuck where you don't have the correct tools or experience to finish some part of your build.